Basement Excavation

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Summit Excavating is equipped for safe and accessible basement excavation. Whether you are waterproofing, building a basement under an existing home,  or need basement excavation for a new construction, we take the necessary steps  to ensure your safety and satisfaction. Our professional contractors will leave your sight neat and easy to get to, also. We remove the soil and regrade the area for proper drainage. Call us today for a free quote on your basement excavation project.

We have been serving the Summit, Stark, Portage, Medina and Wayne Counties in northeast Ohio since 1979, and are aware of local permits, regulations, etc. to ensure legal & proper excavation of your basement.

We Can Also Help With:

  • Drainage Trenching
  • Septic Access Ports
  • Swimming Pool Excavation/ Fill In
  • Site & Soil Evaluation
  • Septic Tank Demolition & Haul Away


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