Residential & Commercial Septic System Services

Summit Excavating has been family owned and operated since 1979, and proudly provides septic services to Portage, Medina, Summit, Stark and Wayne Counties. Licensed, bonded and certified in all of the counties we serve, Summit Excavating is also licensed with the Ohio EPA.

Northeast Ohio Excavation Services

For a FREE estimate on your excavating project, please call us directly at 330-825-2035 during normal business hours, or you can use our simple online contact form. Please include the details on your project, including time frame to completion.

Summit Excavating Septic Services

Summit Excavating’s mission is to provide customers with professional services that help to keep your septic system working efficiently. We take pride and responsibility in creating a green, safe environment for your residential or commercial septic system.

Akron - Canton - Medina Septic Excavating Contractor

Summit Excavating is a full service septic excavating contractor, established in 1979. Summit offers residential and commercial septic excavation services including aeration tank installation, septic tank replacement, and demolition & disposal of old septic tanks in Summit, Stark, Portage, Medina and Wayne County Ohio.

Installing or Replacing Your Septic System

The typical life of most home sewage systems is 12 to 20 years, then they need to be rebuilt or replaced. If your system is showing any of the following trouble signs of a faulty or malfunctioning system, call Summit Excavating for a FREE septic system evaluation today.

Be aware of any unusual issues, such as:

  • Wet spots in the lawn or any unusual plant growth near near sewage leaching system.
  • Temporary backing up of sewage, especially at floor drains.
  • Any unusual odors in or around your home.
  • Discharging off-color and/or odorous sewage.

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Septic Excavation Services

What Summit Excavating Customers are saying...

  • Honest. Good Job!

    "I used Summit Excavating to replace some parts in my septic system and did some repairs in another septic system that I own. I was really happy with them. They did a great job and they were real reasonable. It's been fine since they fixed it. They're honest. They'll come out and fix the problem rather than try to sell you a whole new system. They were very timely and did a good job." - Lisa N.

Septic System Questions & Answers

  • Septic Tank Installation
  • Replace Septic System
  • Septic Inspection Wells
  • Septic Tank Pumping

Septic Services



  • Point of Sale Inspections
  • Aeration Tanks and Motors
  • Leach Field – New or Replace
  • Sump Pumps

Q: How often do I really need to get my septic tank pumped?
A: Summit Excavating recommends every two(2) years for optimal system functioning – depending on the family size and water usage. The Ohio state minimum is every three(3) years. However, if you utilize a garbage disposal, it’s recommended that you have your septic tank pumped every year. Why? Because food and table scraps don’t have the decomposing qualities that waste does, thereby requiring more frequent cleaning.

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Aerobic Septic Tank Systems

Installation & Maintenance

If you’ve had a new septic system installed since 2009, you have an aerobic septic system. This type of system features an aeration tank. The aeration tank reduces the necessary size of leach fields and breaks down sewage waste further through the infusion of air.

Summit Excavating specializes in complete septic system installations, plus maintenance on all types of aerobic septic systems.

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Aerobic Septic System

Septic Tank Pumping Services

Keeping your septic system operating efficiently includes regular septic tank pumping. Avoid back-ups, breakdowns and other septic problems by having Summit Excavating clean your septic tank every 2 – 3 years. We have been providing septic pumping services to the Akron, Canton, Kent and Medina areas since 1979.

Summit Excavating is licensed, bonded and certified in all five counties we work in (Medina, Portage, Stark, Summit, Wayne) plus we are also certified with the Ohio EPA.

Summit recommends septic tanks be cleaned and pumped every two to three years. This depends on tank size and household usage. Summit Excavating customers receive a reminder when it’s time for your next service – one less thing for you to keep track of.

Plus, every customer receives a FREE backwash with every septic pumping.

Summit Excavating practices responsible waste hauling, dumping our trucks ONLY at proper waste treatment plants and NEVER on the ground as some other local companies do.

Septic Pumping Services - Summit Excavating

Member of the S.T.A.Y. Septic Service Network

Residential & Commercial Septic System Installation Services

Summit Excavating offers complete septic system installation and septic tank replacement services. Whether for a new construction or upgrading an existing septic system, we have been installing septic tanks and aeration systems in the Akron, Canton, Kent and Medina area since 1979.

Summit Excavating handles all aspects of your septic system replacement, including removal and haul away of your old septic tank.

Summit Excavating Installs:

  • New Septic Systems
  • Replacement Septic Tanks
  • Aeration Tanks & Motors
  • Sump Pumps
Aeration Septic Tank Installer

Septic Tank Replacement ~ Septic Tank Installation ~ Septic Excavation

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Reliable Septic System Repairs

The typical life of most home septic systems is 12 to 20 years, then they will need repair or replacement. Summit Excavating provides timely septic system repair when you need it most. From emergency septic tank pumping to replacing your entire septic system, our full service septic repair company works quickly to restore your septic system to full and efficient operation. Summit Excavating services Akron, Canton, Medina, Kent and all surrounding Northeast Ohio areas. Call 330~825~2035 TODAY for help with all of your septic repairs.

Trouble Signs of a Malfunctioning Septic System

  • Wet spots in the lawn or any unusual plant growth near the septic leaching system
  • Temporary backing up of sewage, especially at floor drains
  • Any unusual odors inside or outside the home
  • Discharging off color and/or odorous sewage
  • Slow draining sinks or tubs

Septic Tank Repair ~ Aeration Tank Repair ~ Septic Services

Septic System Alarm - Call 330-825-2035

Septic Tank Removal ~ Commercial Septic Tank Excavation ~ Remove Old Septic Tanks

Need a septic tank removed? Septic tank removal is a Summit Excavating specialty. Whether you are installing a new septic system or need an old tank hauled away, Summit Excavating gets the job done.

Summit is equipped to handle residential and commercial septic system removal.

Our skilled, professional crew will work quickly to remove your old septic tank with minimal damage to your property. We always take old tanks to legally established venues, too – no ground dumping!

Call Summit Excavating at 330-825-2035 today to schedule your free consultation for help with your commercial or residential septic system.

Summit Excavating Aeration Septic Tanks
Summit Excavating Septic System Replacements

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Septic Tank Replacement

Septic tank replacement can be a messy job – no pun intended. Summit Excavating ensures a professional job from start to finish. Everything is taken care of, from hauling away your old septic tank to properly grading your yard when finished. We’re licensed, bonded & insured in Summit, Stark, Medina, Portage and Wayne counties. We are equipped to handle all of your commercial and residential septic needs. Call us today for help with:

  • Septic Tank Replacement
  • Septic System Installation
  • New Septic Tanks

Summit Excavating always practices safe and sanitary disposal of all septic waste and old septic tanks.

Summit Excavating can also assist you with sump pump repair or replacement. Sump pumps are your homes first line of defense in keeping areas dry and water free. We know the urgency of keeping your sump pump operating in prime condition. Some warning signs that your sump pump may be failing include the following:

  • Sump pump cycling on and off more frequently
  • Water draining more slowly
  • Sump pump not turning on or draining at all
  • Foul odors around the sump pump area
  • Sump pump is louder than normal

If you are experiencing any of these issues or would like to discuss how a sump pump might help keep your home dry, call us today at 330-825-2035. We can also help with your:

  • New Sump Pump Installation
  • Clogged Drains ( Electric Eel Service)
  • Septic Services
  • Trenching & Excavation Services

Flooded Basement? Sump Pump Problems?

Sump Pump Repair-Replacement 44319

For Sump Pump Service, Call 330-825-2035

Call Summit For Professional Basement Excavation

Summit Excavating is equipped for safe and accessible basement excavation. Whether you are waterproofing, building a basement under an existing home, or need basement excavation for a new construction, we take the necessary steps to ensure your safety and satisfaction.

Summit Basement Excavation Services

Our professional contractors will leave your site neat and easy to get to. We remove the soil and regrade the area for proper drainage.

Call us today for a free quote on your basement excavation project!

Summit Excavating has been serving the Summit, Stark, Portage, Medina and Wayne Counties in northeast Ohio since 1979 and are aware of local permits, regulations, etc. to ensure legal & proper excavation of your basement.

Summit can also help with:

  • Drainage Trenching
  • Septic Access Ports
  • Swimming Pool Excavation/ Fill In
  • Site & Soil Evaluation
  • Septic Tank Demolition & Haul Away

Excavating Contractor ~ Excavation Company

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