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Summit Excavating is your full service septic excavating contractor. We offer residential and commercial septic excavating services including aeration tank installation, septic tank replacement, and demolition & hauling away of old septic tanks in Summit, Stark, Portage, Medina and Wayne County Ohio.

Installing or Replacing Your Septic SystemExcavating Contractor

The maximum life of most home sewage systems is 12 to 20 years, then they need to be rebuilt. If your system is showing any of the following trouble signs of a malfunctioning systems, call Summit Excavating for a FREE septic system evaluation today.

  • Wet spots in the lawn or any unusual plant growth near near sewage leaching system.
  • Temporary backing up of sewage, especially at floor drains.
  • Any unusual odors
  • Discharging off color and/or odorous sewage.

Summit Excavating specializes in septic excavation services and can help you from start to finish whether you are installing a new septic system or maintaining an old one. From soil samples and test holes required for Health Department permits to leach fields to aerator systems, we are your licensed, bonded, and insured septic excavating contractors.

Other Excavation Services

  • Commercial excavating projects
  • Drain trenching
  • Basement excavation
  • Swimming Pool Fill-ins

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