Septic Tank Pumping Services

Keeping your septic system operating efficiently includes regular septic tank pumping. Avoid back-ups, breakdowns and other septic problems by having Summit Excavating clean your septic tank regularly. We have been providing septic pumping services to the Akron, Canton, Kent and Medina areas since 1979. Licensed, bonded and certified in all five counties we work in, we’re also certified with the Ohio EPA.

Septic Pumping Services - Summit ExcavatingSummit recommends septic tanks be cleaned and pumped every two to three years. This depends on tank size and household usage. Summit Excavating customers receive a reminder when it’s time for your next service – one less thing for you to keep track of.

Plus, you always receive a FREE backwash with every pump out.

Summit Excavating practices responsible waste hauling, dumping our trucks ONLY at proper waste treatment plants and NEVER on the ground as some other local companies do.

Emergency Septic Pumping Available!

Call us right now at 330-825-2035 if your drains are backing up or need emergency service. We will radio dispatch our trucks to get to you as soon as possible!

Aeration Tank Pumping

Since 2007, septic systems in our area have moved away from leach beds and have changed to a more efficient aeration tank system. Aeration tanks need to be pumped and cleaned regularly – about every 2 years. Summit Excavating is equipped to keep your aeration tank pumped and running efficiently.

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